Tetyana Yagodkina

Tetyana Yagodkina

Tetyana Yagodkina is a Ukrainian painter, mural artist, teacher and public figure.

The basis of Tetyana Yahogdkina’s works is the classical realistic school of painting.

The artist transformed her perception of the world into her own style of painting and techniques, which became a unique feature of Tetyana’s work. The field of experiment in the combination of classics and abstraction for her is landscape, still life and portrait.

The colour chords, which the artist carefully selects, are emotionally bright and robust. Thanks to laconic and monumental compositions, Tetyana’s works are not overloaded with unnecessary details, are full of mood, emotion and, at the same time, are minimalistic.

Tetyana’s works are in the private collections of the 1st President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, HH Sheik Bin Khalifa Al Nahyan, belonging to the ruling dynasty of the UAE, as well as in Ukraine, USA, UAE, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, India, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, United Kingdom.

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